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KymiSun the Company


KymiSun combines the strengths of culture, nature and history creating a mystical and positive image of the area as a lucrative place to visit. With our wide network we can provide a variety of interesting side activities.

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We provide unforgettable experiences 

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We offer unforgettable experiences: boat trips to the beautiful, 7000 year old historic River Kymi,
to the Repovesi National Park and to Verla, UNESCO World Heritage Site.
On our trips you can also take a glimpse at the mystical, 6000 year old Rock Paintings.


We serve delicious meals in the nature

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All our trips include a fresh pot of coffee made by the open fire, and a home made cake or pastry.
On special order we also offer you a delicious meal prepared in the nature or by our partners.
We prefer local food producers and appreciate organic produce where it is possible.
Seize the moment and freedom in the nature with us.

Appreciating nature is built in
in our values


Our values are based on the four pillars of our ideology - Nature-Culture-History-Man.
Each of these pillars are built in as part of our trips, respecting traditions and local history.

”Treat the earth well.
It was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
we borrow it from our Children.”

- Ancient Indian Proverb -

The Lady of the River will serve you...


On a wooden plate I serve
memories and experiences.

A way to find yourself in nature.

where we came from, 
and where we are going to.

KymiSun was established in 1998 by
Riitta Noriola-Eskola, the Lady of the River.

Riitta has a strong background in travel marketing both in Finland
and abroad (Norway, Switzerland, UK) and a vaste knowledge of the region and its history.
In 1997 Riitta did a study on local travel opportunities on the River Kymi.
She has been putting this information into use since 1998 and wants to serve guest with her heart and soul

Our philosophy

On a wooden plate I serve
memories and experiences.

A way to find yourself in nature.

where we came from, 
and where we are going to.

Life is an open window.
to see forever.

Open the window to yourself.

Open your eyes to see what's around you. 

Look at the nature as you look at yourself.

What you see is what you are.

Open your eye to the nature.
To the River Kymi.

It is so rich, so powerful,
so open,
yet so mysterious.

Stop by the flowing water.

Sit on a boat.

Look around you with an open mind.
Experience the history
as if you were reading a book,

a book of your mind.

Cross the bridge from history to today.

Walk hand in hand with the past.

Find yourself in balance 
by the River Kymi,

in its deep green forests,
in its deep blue water,

with your soul totally at ease.