The ancient River Kymi

The ancient River Kymi - where the East and the West once met

Take the KymiSun boat trip to history. See the actual sites where the East and the West once met. The major transit corridor has been the border between three countries – Sweden, Russia and Finland. It has brought wellbeing and work to the people with wood industry.

KymiSun offers several trips to experience the nature, and to the historical sites. The trips included a guided tour to the destination of your choise.


In Ankkapurha, Anjala, a famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto left his mark in the buildings and design. Aalto designed a residential area for the workers of Anjala Paper Mill and Inkeroinen carton mill. The construction of the area was finished by the end of 1930’s.  In addition to these, Aalto also designed a school and three apartment buildings for the area.

Historical River Kymi

A guided tour will take you to historical sites of the river. The stories combined with the facts will paint an unbelievable picture of the birth of Kouvola Region.


The bridges of River Kymi

There are numerous bridges and ancient crossig sites along the river. KymiSun guided tour will introduce you to some of the bridges. Some still carry marks of the war.


Go fishing

Take a hike or a pike. KymiSun partners provide activities that can be included in the boat trips. You can choose biking, hiking or go fishing, if you choose.


And lots more. Please ask for details and for more information.


Enjoy a delicious meal

KymiSun trips include either fresh pot of coffee, or a delicious meal prepared by the open fire, on the traditional KymiSun cabins or by our partners.